Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SNE 4.0 New Sales Vid and Some Serious Integration

We have been changing some of our ways over here at HC in order to increase the steady flow of high quality clients, and achieving far greater customer retention and success. We have found a great proven way to do this by using a simple but very effective promotion angle with some of our key partners.
We are looking for a handful of JV partners to do integration marketing with,are you interested?
This is will allow us to keep steady sales flowing to one another, and at the same time add massive value to each others' products.This method works very well and is long term.  

If this valuable integration marketing sounds good to you, or if you have any questions
please shoot an email to jv@snempire.com

On the other side of affiliate marketing, you can make some very substantial and fast cash by simply grabbing your affiliate link. We have swipes and banners for you as well. This has been doing great! Many see $2EPC and if you have a good list and good traffic sources, $3+EPC is not hard to achieve at all. 

Happy Promoting and hope to talk to you soon,

Hollis Carter 

Monday, July 19, 2010

SNEmpire Ready For Banking

I have a few more important updates coming soon so be sure to keep an eye out.
This is one of the best offers around a true no brainier for all!

If you want to take a sneak peak in to a crazy few days we just had in Spain and France
just check out Marc's post HERE! 

Friday, October 23, 2009

SNEmpire 3.0 Is Sold Out

Hey There ladies & Gents,

Sorry for the delay on getting an update, but we actually ran off
to Acapulco to celebrate and work with a few of our top clients on their
projects; it was great!


Thank you to everyone who helped make this launch an absolute success!
We could not have done it with out you.

I told you we would be paying promptly and to do so we will
need a few small details....

First please log in to your affiliate account and make sure that all your
information is correct,
as we will be sending you a check shortly and possible prizes too.

You can log in here: http://snempire.com/go.php?L4

We prefer to send checks and will be doing so unless you have told me
otherwise, so if you are a PayPaler please let me know.

Now for what everyone wants to know... Who did what!

just head over to the JV blog and you will see the JV standings. ;)

Hollis Carter

P.S. This launch was an absolute blow out so thanks again, we could not
have done with out you.

P.P.S We will be having a workshop in March and would love to have some of
our JV partners out. :)
The Top Ten for our 8 day sold out SNEmpire 3.0

Jeff Paul
Harrison Klein
Matt Bacak
Erick Rockefeller
Jake Steingart
Anik Singal
Keith Wellman
Marcus Campbell
Chris Cobb
Christine Comaford

Honorable mentions:
Cory Lewis
Ruddy Setiawan
Tellman Knudson
Peter Lenkefi
JT Martin
Jordan Hall  

FEW PICS From our Diamond Elite Coaching Trip:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hours left Mail Mail Mail

Hey There Ladies & Gents,

We will be pulling this profit pulling machine down
at midnight tonight (so don't miss out).

Top ten going in to the last 12 hours:

1- Jeff Paul
2- Harrison Klein
3- Matt B
4- Eric Rockefeller
5- Anki Singal
6- Keith Wellman
7- Chris Cobb
8- Christine Comaford
9- Marcus Campbell
10- Izzy

We are paying out big and the urgency is VERy real so get those mails out now!


Hollis Carter

Monday, October 12, 2009

Offer Gone Forever On Wednesday at Midnight

Hey there ladies and gents,

Marc & I will be closing this offer for good on Wednesday at midnight!

As a JV partner and affiliate you can cash in big time right now many JVs receive 5 figure checks regularly form us so don't miss out we have made this a TRUE No Brainier!

SNE 3.0 JV Prizes

5 SNE 3.0 Sales
Flip Cam & SNE Site

10 SNE 3.0 Sales
HD Flip Cam & SNE Site

25 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site & $100 Itunes Card

50 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site, $100 Itunes Card & USB Snowball Mic

75 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site, $100 Itunes, Card USB Snowball Mic & $250 cash
auto-responder spot (if appropriate)

100 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site, $100 Itunes, Card USB Snowball Mic & $500 cash
auto-responder spot (if appropriate)

150 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site, $100 Itunes Card, USB Snowball Mic & $1000 cash
auto-responder spot (if appropriate)

200 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site, $100 Itunes Card, USB Snowball Mic & $5000 cash
auto-responder spot (if appropriate)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Banking on the weekends....Prizes and More

Hey there Ladies and Gents,

I hope everyone is having an excellent weekend, doing whatever it is you do on the weekends.

You know what would make it even better? Making a bunch of sweet commissions and racking up sweet prizes.

It does not take much work to get a phat check, and then we are giving away cash, flip cams, itunes cards, snowballs and more just to make it extra beneficial for you. :)

To the right, we have a link for swipe emails. Click there, and you can plug and play.
Many JVs have racked up some massive commissions already.

Keep in mind, this offer is coming down Wednesday and will not be launched again so don't miss out. We will be paying out in full and in a timely manner. I promise it is very much worth your time to mail this offer and push hard.

If you need anything related to this Joint Venture opportunity, just shot an email to jv@snempire.com.

Check out the current TOP TEN
Jeff Paul
Matt Bacak
Eric Rockefeller
Keith Wellman
Anik Singal
Christine Comaford
Marcus Campbell
Peter Lenkfi
Corey Lewis


Hollis Carter

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Prizes up and Offer Coming Down

Hey Ladies and Gents,

Wanted to get a quick up date to you ass this offer is BLOWING UP!
Many JV's over $14 a click and others all doing very well $2 a click is the low end.

We are pulling this offer down Wed October 14th don't miss out(we are not going to be launching this over again).

Oh yea if you notice on our sales page we have no exit pop or anything obtrusive they can even get player controls if they want so not pissed off customers. Basically you get paid for all your traffic and we don't take your leads:)

SNE 3.0 JV Prizes

5 SNE 3.0 Sales
Flip Cam & SNE Site

10 SNE 3.0 Sales
HD Flip Cam & SNE Site

25 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site & $100 Itunes Card

50 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site, $100 Itunes Card & USB Snowball Mic

75 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site,  $100 Itunes,  Card USB Snowball Mic & $250 cash
auto-responder spot (if appropriate)

100 Sales
HD Flip,  SNE Site,  $100 Itunes,  Card USB Snowball Mic & $500 cash
auto-responder spot (if appropriate)

150 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site, $100 Itunes Card, USB Snowball Mic & $1000 cash
auto-responder spot (if appropriate)

200 Sales
HD Flip, SNE Site, $100 Itunes Card, USB Snowball Mic & $5000 cash
auto-responder spot (if appropriate)

For sales form OCT 5th-OCT 14th

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Payment Plan Added!

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to let you know that now on day 3 we are still going very strong!

The demand for this has been massive and we have had many emails requesting
a payment plan, so we have put that up and it is live now(you will still be getting the big 50% commissions too.

I will be throwing the contest details up tomorrow (cool prizes for everyone)
mail now and get a head start now.


Hollis Carter

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

24 Hours In to Launch and Crushing IT!

Hey Ladies and Gents,

Hit the ground running, only 24 hours in and the results are phenomenal.
The affiliates are jumping on this like crazy and many more are on the way!


Hollis Carter

Monday, October 5, 2009

Live and Alive

Hello Ladies and Gents,

We are live, 1st sales came in within minutes
and many more are on the way!

I will get some statistics up here in just a bit and a new video update
so the competition can really get kicking.

We have got some great feedback from the sales video
and the product.

The traffic is just starting to come, but right now it
looks like about $13.50 and climbing rapidly a click right out of the gate!

If you need to get in to your affiliate account, grab swipes
or anything you always have the links to the right of this post.

This is going to be big, so be sure to get your mails out now.


Hollis Carter

Thursday, October 1, 2009

4 days till SNEmire 3.0 Goes live

Hey There All,

Only 4 days till launch and the anticipation is building up big time (I can feel it)
Some important notes about the week of OCT 5th and SNE 3.0

-An allready proven offer will no blow you out of the water, with the value we have built in this offer it is (no hype) a true no brainner. 
-Affiliates get 50% on the front end offer of $497
-Affiliates will rack up massive cash piles from the upsells
-Affiliates who promote can expect checks every month
-Fun Prizes for sales will be available
-Commissions are paid on time
-Customers will thank you
-JV partners can get a free SNEmpire site just need to sell 3 sites
-2nd tier commissions are available
-This will sell out fast.

Things are looking great and the engergy from our afflites has been great
this is going to be a very profitable week for all.


Hollis Carter

Monday, September 28, 2009

7 Days Till SNE 3.0

Hey Everyone,

Only 7 days till we open up SNEmpire 3.0!

Lots of new, exciting & profitable things will be
comming out next week.

We have a strong list of commited JV partners lined up and
ready to drive this offer out of the park.

The 2 times we opened this offer up in the past the numbers were
beyond what we had ever expected, and now we have:
-Upgraded Sales System
-Added a straight bad ass tactic to sales page that you will see Oct 5th
-Invested thousands in to product upgrades
-Donating a percentage to charity
-Paying out 50% on front end
-Nice commissions on 1 click upsells
-Private webinars
-Much More....

SNEmpire 3.0 is the Best solution for capitalizing on social networking (at a stupidly low price) and we will pay you Big to let your people know about it.

To grab some great swipe emails click here


Hollis Carter

P.S. Make sure not to miss out on updates just put in your name and email on the right and get on the private JV list

Thursday, September 24, 2009

11 Days....Big things on the Horizon

Hello Ladies and Gents...
Big things are on the horizon and with only 11 days till we open this incredible offer.
I have had some great feedback form JV partners eager to get this out there.

If you get a chance check out what happened to us in atlanta and we are now going to be donating a % of our launch to the victims.  Atlanta Food Foundation

The Private webinar slots are filling up fast so let me know when you want to do yours
as I promise you and your bank account will not regret it.

Hollis Carter

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fifty Bucks For Marking Your Calendar!

Hey Friend,

I bet you want to know about the free $50 bucks huh...
Well, if you give me a ring and let me know that you are in 100% for our launch kicking off OCTOBER 5th, I will add 50 bucks to your first sale (JV partners and affiliates only, not for yourself, sorry).

JV Details:
50% commissions on $497.97
50%commissions on $189.87 3pay
5% 2nd tier link
$5 a month commissions on hosting (amazing stick rate, never done before or again)
Big commissions on up-sells and OTO's
Commissions paid fast & in full
Conversion rates through the roof (2% is the bottom of the barrel most see around 4%-9%)
Big Prizes and Fun on the way...


Hollis Carter

P.S. If you are a serious JV partner or affiliate and need my my contact info just send an email to jv@snemire.com.


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Check out the conversions rates out JV partners & Affiliates
had the 1st time we ever opened SNEmpire.

We have done $10 of thousands of dollars in upgrades to
the software and marketing and sales systems so...

You can count on these numbers becoming even stronger!

SNEmprie goes live Oct 5th lots of cool things on the way
this is going to be Fun. :)


Hollis Carter

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Checks In the Mail!!!

Never Thought I Would Be So Happy To Send Out Over $60,000 In Checks in One Day!
Maybe it's because it just felt so good to smack Marc with all that money. LOL

Thanks again to everyone who helped us on the last launch of SNEmpire.com
it was a absolute knock out and customers are really Rocking their sites.

We have been working on some amazing upgrades and much more for the
SNEmpire 3.0 launch on deck for August 4th.

Thanks again,

Hollis Carter

P.S. Marc & I made an what I think is the best content video we have ever made in Hawaii last weekend and will be releasing this to the public on June 23rd.

Monday, April 6, 2009

SNE SOLD OUT....Thanks JV's

1: Jim Fleck & Jeff Paul
2: Shawn Casey
3: Keith Wellman
4: Chris Cobb
5: Matt Bacak
6: Harris Fellman
7: Peter Lenkefi
8: Marc Goldman
9: Matt Haslem
10: Rachmat Tjandra

Monday, March 30, 2009

SNEmpire Closing in 72 Hours !!!


1: Jim Fleck & Jeff Paul
2: Shawn Casey
3: Keith Wellman
4: Chris Cobb
5: Matt Bacak
6: Harris Fellman
7: Peter Lenkefi
8: Matt Haselman
9: Rachmat Tjandra
10:Charlie Essimeier

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

JV Prizes 8 Days left

JV Contest
3Choices for each position!!

First Place Prize

SKI Trip for Two

Weekend in Costa Rica

Rothbury 4 day music festival for Two

Second Place Choices:

 HP Touch screen 

$800 dollars cash

TrueBlack Aeron Chair

Third Place 3 Choices:

HD Flip Mino

USB Turntable

Rosetta Stone

Fourth Place Choices:

Flip Mino

2g  Spy-pen

 Keg Master

Fifth Place Choices:


Popcorn Machine

Worlds Largest Map

6th-10th: pick 1 of the following 3

Dinner for 2 gift card

Largest Crossword puzzle
Digital Key Finder

Thursday, March 19, 2009

14 DAY JV Contest

1st Place Ski Trip for 2! +SNE PKG
2nd place Hp Touchscreen +SNE PKG

3rd Flip Mino HD +SNE PKG
4th Flip Mino +SNE PKG
5th Place Flip Video +SNE PKG
1-4 Dinner For 2 on us! +SNE PKG

All Affiliates how get 3 sales or more will also get an SNE PKG !

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Launch update #1
First Week Predictions Achieved in First Hours!
$248.50 ---Per Sale on SNE
$88.88 for 3 months on payment plan
$59.00 on supper converting bump
This offer is TRULY a NO Brainier!

If you are interested in promoting this via a content filled webinar with
yourself Marc & Hollis send an email to JV@snempire.com...
(calendar for webinars is filling rather fast so let us know)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Social Network Empire prelaunch goes live (sweet JV vid)

Sweet Joint Venture vid we made for all of our fine affiliates
for social network empire

Monday, February 23, 2009

5 ways to make more money as an SNE affiliate...

5 ways to make more money as a social network empire affiliate... (Promoting this correctly could pay your mortgage for a couple years too :)

1.) Record a quick personal video:

Send us a short 1-2 minute video of you talking about the importance of social networking and media and we will put it up at a separate page for you like snempire.com/yourname and have it redirect after the vid...doing this will typically raise your conversion rates...

2.) Create a bonus:

If your subscriber purchases they will also receive...________________
Look, our stuff rocks and your people will love it... however, sometimes people need an extra kicker, so offer a bonus...
Bonuses that work well with this offer consist of:traffic methods, product launches, social networking stuff, list building, and just stuff that teaches how to make money in general...Let us know if you want to do this and we'll brainstorm the best bonus for your list with you, and then we can put up the special page for you like snempire.com/yourname which again typically will raise your conversion rates...

3.) Promo to a teleseminar:

We can sell this software/ training package like crazy on a live teleseminar...Promote to get your list on the teleseminar and we will ensure you get top notch conversions...You don't really have to do or say much on the call besides introductions...
On the teleseminar we will be giving out tons of valuable nuggets of information that your subscribers will be eating up, so it will be easy to get them to attend... (We'll give you swipes and pages to promote to get your list on the call...)

4.) Use your 2'nd tier link:

Back in Nov. we had a couple partners make over 4 figures just from their second tier link...grab your 2nd tier link from your affiliate acct at http://securepaypro.com/ and send any of your big buddies a personal invite...it's actually really easy to do some JV brokering and if youwant more help and tips, just let me know because that's what i specialize in...

5.) Twitter / facebook promo:

a couple days before launch post on your feed something to the effect of:"getting stoked about SNE launching - check it out [affiliate link]

- launch day put a short personal note on your twitter/ facebook feeds saying something to the effect of:"this baby is going like hotcakes afflink" or "hot diggity this is great marketing to learn from" or "go check this super sweet video out"

- send message to a facebook group if you have one...

6.) Email promotions...

a) tweak your swipe emails
We will be providing you with the best converting swipe emails to use for your promotion, however, it is a wise decision to slightly customize your swipe emails a bit... It is pretty easy to spot a swipe email (especially when people receive 10 of the same email) - and people get turned away by that if an affiliate simply copies and pastes an email...
b) send at least two emails
By sending your list at least two emails for a promotion you will probably make at least 25% more money... Of course I pull this statistic out of nowhere, but from my testing, we typically make about double the amount of revenue when we promote twice (or 3 times) for an offer...

Let me know if you want to do any of the above things to make us all more money and have more happy customers... if you use 1,2, or 3 just let me know and wel get your special page put up...

Hollis Carter & Marc Horne

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A quick SNE site demo...

Here is a quick demo of one of the SNE sites...
It is some seriously powerful stuff... if you would like to see more in depth demos, just check out http://snempire.com/demo

We currently have hundreds of successful sites running on the internet right now with site owners making some serious income...

Our training material, combined with our software makes this an absolute no brainer for your subscribers... There is no training material that currently exist on the internet that is made for the owner of a social networking site, and I hate to toot our own horn here... but it's kick ass training :)

This screen capture was taken from http://imsocialize.com

To sign up as a JV partner, just go to:
Affiliate Sign up URL

To login to your affiliate account, go to:


Hollis Carter & Marc Horne

Monday, February 9, 2009

SNEmpire launching March 10th, 2009

Social Network Empire is launching March 10, 2009.

Mark your calendars ladies and gents :)

To sign up as a JV partner, just go to:Affiliate Sign up URL

To login to your affiliate account, go to:

In a quick nutshell, your subscribers will get:

  • Their site has all the features of a top notch social networking site such as: shared photos, videos, unique profiles, forums and discussion boards, group creation, and a ton more features...

  • Easy, state of the art ad placement (customers own 100% of ad revenue), whether it's from Google Adsense, affiliate products, or their own products... - 25 Customizable profile questions, theme, colors, and logo...

  • Revolutionary Friend inviter script built in for them...

  • Training manual showing them the exact steps they need to take once they have their website…Screen casts, webinars, unprecedented support, 1 on 1's, etc...

  • Extremely easy to use administrator capabilities. (Made for the non-technical person)

  • And seriously so much more…(we’ve made this a no brainer)

You will earn 50% commissions equaling $248.50 a sale!

Looking forward to sending you huge commission checks :)

Marc Horne___________ Hollis Carter